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Thank You. & Plzz put a single req msg..!!

Some Fake person is writing abusive words on the name of ADMIN,,beware of those people..,,


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 •   Sweety : Pls upload California Cruisin song by Justin Bieber.. i am a big fan of justin bieber so, pls pls upload the song today only.

 •   Stacy : Admin pls pls pls add that Wale Mixtape on this website

 •   Bas : Please admin, upload
Album: The Mixtape About Nothing
Artist: Wale

 •   Avi : The Chainsmokers - Paris.mp3 Plz Its a New Song by them

 •   Preet : Hello sir,please upload -
Issues - Julia Michales
Paris - The Chainsmokers
Not Afraid Anymore - Halsey
All songs are just released today.I would be so grateful if you upload them!

 •   Ant1 : Rockabye by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul. please get it , Quite a hit in those days

 •   Nishen : Plz upload my request from last week admin
Thank You

 •   Jatin : Listen by One Ok Rock feat. Avril Lavigne add song this website please Admin add song this website

 •   Jatin : Yes Nina i have got wrong information and Admin also today about me that Fergie album Double Duchess still not release thak you so much Admin and Nina for give information

 •   Nina : Jatin,Only two single released from Double Duchess -
1.M.I.L.F $
2.Life Goes On
The album is going to release soon.I guess you received wrong information. Check the wikipedia page of fergie,You'll surely find out that the album is still not released.Sorry if I was rude but please check true sources in terms of album releases like Wiki,HDD etc.

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